Wing Body Truck

Year released: 2014
Number of parts: 4128
Number of lots: 231
Building time: 25 hours


The Wing Body Truck is designed by Madoca1977 and can be found on Rebrickable as MOC-1389.
Free building instructions come in two ways:

  • A detailed photo sequence of 347 building steps (listed on the building instructions tab of MOC-1389);
  • A digital building instruction listed in the comments section by OstfriesenBrick of MOC-1389.

For the build the digital instruction was used.

MOC-1389 features the following:

  • Driving: 2 XL-Motors
  • Steering: 1 Servo Motor
  • Opening cargo bay: 1 L-Motor for each side
  • Tailgate: 2 M-Motors
  • Tilting cabine: 1 M-Motor
  • Lights: 1 M-Motor

MOC-1389 contains 4128 parts, of which the following parts are rare/expensive/difficult to find:

X873c01: Technic, Steering Arm with 4 Ball Joints with Black Wheel Hub
This parts has only been used in 6 LEGO® sets between 2005 and 2011.

58123bc01: Electric, Power Functions Receiver Unit with Dark Bluish Gray Bottom and Black V2 Print (Version 2)
This part has only been released in two LEGO® Technic sets as regular item and in 6 other LEGO®  sets as alternate part. A discussion on the use of the V2 receiver can be found here.

32020: Wheel 43.2mm D. x 18mm (extended axle stem)
This parts has only been used in 7 LEGO® sets during 2004 -2009.

44: Light Bluish Gray Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Toggle Joint Smooth
This parts has been released in a large number of sets, but is expensive.


The build of the Wing Body Truck proceeds in three steps:

  • Chassis: Building of the chassis is the most time consuming step, because of the large number of parts and the complex wiring of the electrical components. The build of the chassis is divided in two sections:
    • The back-end with the tailgate and driving functions
    • The front-end with the steering and tilting cabin function
  • Cabin
  • Cargo Bay

The chassis:

The cabin and cargo bay:

The finished build:


All motorized functions of the Wing Body Truck


The build of the Wing Body Truck was difficult, but enjoyable. The pictures are necessary to correctly -place the electrical wires. The functions of the Wing Body Truck work very well. Overall it was a pleasure to build.