My interest in  LEGO® started in 1977, when I received the 853 Auto Chassis for my birthday. The next year I received the 855 Mobile Crane and  one year later I received the 857 Motorcycle. 

Many years then passed by until in 2011 I saw the LEGO® Technic 8043 (Motorized Excavator). My interest in Lego revived and I remembered that I always wanted the LEGO® Technic 8860 (Car Chassis). I was able to buy the LEGO® 8860 on an auction site, but discovered that the set was not complete. Looking for spare parts to complete the set I discovered Bricklink. BrickLink is the world’s largest online marketplace where you can buy and sell new, used, and vintage LEGO® products. Since then I have been collecting more sets and started selling on Bricklink.
I have been selling parts on Brickowl as well.  
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In addition to LEGO® sets, I also discovered the MOCs build by enthusiastic and skilled builders. These MOCs are beautiful creations and can be found on Rebrickable. The number of parts of these creations is large and some of the parts may be hard and time consuming to find. If you are interested in all the parts of a specific Technic MOC, please contact us and find out about the possibilities.